1m³ VOC检测气候箱

1m³ VOC检测气候箱


The test chamber for the VOC release measuring from furniture and building materials


我司的1m³VOC检测环境舱采用德国先进的技术理念设计和生产,为福轩环保公司自主知识产权产品。整个系统涉及到12项专利技术,并根据国标GB/T31107-2014、国际标准ASTMD6007-2EN717-1 :2004ANSI/BIFMAX7.1-2007,VDA276以及ISO16000-9-2006等开发的第二代VOC检测环境舱,专用于检测家具及建材等产品中甲醛、VOC释放量项目。设备采用多项新技术,先进性、可靠性等方面达到了国际同类设备水平,被广泛应用于建材、家具和汽车等行业。

        The 1m³VOC detection environment module is designed and produced by German advanced technology concept. It is the independent intellectual property product of Fuxuan environmental protection company. The whole system involves 12 patent technologies, which are developed according to national standard GB/T31107-2014, international standard ASTMD6007-2, EN717-1: 2004, ANSI/ BIFMAX7.1-2007, VDA276 and ISO16000-9-2006. The second generation of VOC test environment capsule is specially designed for testing formaldehyde and VOC emission in furniture and building materials. The equipment has adopted many new technologies, and has achieved international similar equipment level in terms of advancement and reliability. It has been widely used in building materials, furniture and automobile industries.




Almost emission free test space container                 


Air-jacket temperature conditioning


Cooling mode combined with fresh air and mechanical cooling


Humidity control by the solenoid valve switching


Test space container with surface coating inert treatment


SIEMENS system controller


Cloud data management platform


Desorption in the high temperature

●高可靠性的 PLC控制系统和监视系统

Highly efficient PLC control and monitoring system


Maintenance-friendly design






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